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Publishers Weekly Gives a Starred Review to Caring for Our Parents

Longtime Business Week health reporter Gleckman takes readers on a guided tour of group homes, nursing homes, assisted living and the differences between Medicare, Medicaid and long-term care insurance in his comprehensive overview of the current state of long-term care in the U.S. Through interviews with family caregivers, professionals, the cared-for and reformers seeking alternatives to the current system, Gleckman does an impressive job of explaining our current elder-care system and those of other developed nations, and proposes possible solutions to an issue of growing importance as boomers become seniors.

Publishers Weekly, 5/11/2009


Health Progress says, "Reading Howard Gleckman's Caring for Our Parents convinced me that I should buy this book for all my friends and colleagues. It is a well-written and researched book which would serve as a primer for anyone facing caring for an older adult or planning for his or her own future."

Health Progress Nov.-Dec., 2009

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Health Affairs says, "The goal of Howard Gleckmans welldone book, Caring for Our Parents, is to explain to the lay public what is wrong in long-term care and to propose solutions to these problems. By reaching the general population, especially baby boomers, he hopes to motivate a debate on long-term care that goes far beyond the narrow confines of experts. Much of the book chronicles the stories of individuals struggling to cope with severe disabilities and the heroic efforts of their informal caregivers... including Gleckman and his wife. These stories are moving, with informal caregivers displaying a devotion, grit, and effort that is always astonishing.

Health Affairs, January 2010 reviews Caring for Our Parents

"An absolute MUST READ for any family dealing with an aged loved one now or in the future. This book should serve as a cornerstone of any retirement plan. This book will make you run out and start planning. My clients go through the same situations. It's almost as if Mr. Gleckman has been a fly on the wall during my visits to my clients." reviews Caring for Our Parents

"Howard Gleckman has written a captivating book that will challenge, inspire, and disappoint those of us caring for our aging parents, especially those of us who are Boomers. The book is readable and enjoyable, while at the same time providing lots of statistics and data in a very readable form." reviews Caring for Our Parents

"I wish I had this book when my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Actually, I wish I read it twenty years ago. This book will raise your level of preparedness, and provide you with the answers to hundreds of mystifying questions that typical caregivers face when a health care crisis occurs."

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 McKnight's Long-Term Care News reviews Caring for Our Parents

"Book on Long-Term Care Tells It Like It Is"

"A new book should be on the required reading list of novices and season veterans of long-term care. It is called “Caring for our Parents: Inspiring Stories of Families Seeking New Solutions to America’s Most Urgent Health Care Crisis." Read the full review


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